Kiraplus is Turkey’s first smart rent platform that makes all rental processes simple, fast, reliable and advantageous. Web site visitors form Turkey’s first and only tenant score in accordance with the international criteria.


Some websites may address a single user profile. But in some web projects where different profiles will take place, it is necessary to analyze all profiles and their needs well. Solutions to user expectations should be produced not only in terms of software, but also in terms of design. The same was true for Kiraplus, where there were 3 different types of users as the Tenant, Real Estate Consultant and Landlord.


A compatible work with the Credit Registration Bureau (KKB) integration which was working in the background was of vital importance for the Tenant Score and the project. The compatibility of the project with the KVKK was a very important criterion for both KKB and Kiraplus.



Scenarios for the journeys and user experiences of Tenant, Real Estate Consultant and Landlord profiles has clarified. Designs and software developments were carried out by adhering to the site design concept. The needs of different users were solved on the same screens.


In addition to these improvements, where the individual scores of the tenants were calculated, the Household Score was developed. Thus, not only the tenant of the real estate, but all the people who share the house separately calculating the tenant score are combined in a Household Report, made the score more reliable.


We developed integration with the Credit Registration Office (KKB) web service developed for the scoring infrastructure of the site. In the steps of converting the data coming from KKB into the Tenant Score on the site, software improvements were made based on the privacy of personal data and data security.


After technical and design meetings for the project analysis, various needs were identified and the following studies were carried out.


  • UX designs were made according to all user profiles and corporate needs of the site.
  • The back-end of the project has been developed to process various data and produce reports in line with needs.
  • After the project was launched, it was stabilized with the use of real users and new needs and regulations.
  • We keep Kiraplus project up-to-date according to new needs by observing the technology and the sector.