Libraff is a rapidly growing book, office and stationery store network selling tens of thousands of products in Azerbaijan, which has grown to 9 branches in 2 years.



On an e-commerce site with tens of thousands of products, the up-to-date product information is vital. A lot of information such as stock number, product price, new products should be displayed on the website in real and up-to-date form. E-commerce site sales also need to update the company's entire store network and stock information. The first step of this type of project starts with a well structured two-way data synchronization between ERP and web site.


In Azerbaijan, which has the habit of reading books in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and English, an e-commerce project should support all four languages and each language should be updated autonomously on the website.


The integration of the customer information of all stores with a high customer density into the e-commerce site was a great need for the CRM side of the project.



We have built the database architecture by clarifying the data to be synchronized with ERP and CRM softwares. We developed web services for ERP and CRM integrations. In this way, we ensured that product and customer information was carried over healthy bridges.


Based on the user experience in Azerbaijan, we designed the e-commerce website and mobile applications which will be published in 4 languages.


In addition to the existing product categories such as books, electronic goods, toys, stationery, we have developed a management panel that will easily manage any category and product that can be sold in the future with all variable parameters. The developed management panel enabled e-commerce site and mobile applications to be managed from a single panel.


We have carried out the following works after analyzing the ERP and CRM softwares used by Libraff, the existing store structures, consumer habits in Azerbaijan, categorical differences of products, the specific structures of the 4 languages in which the project will be published, and many other parameters:


  • Web service development to get and manage the product information and store stocks from the ERP system to the e-commerce site.
  • E-commerce site design and software development.
  • Design and development of iOS and Android applications.
  • Development of a content management system that can manage e-commerce site and mobile applications from a single panel.
  • Web service development and integration for e-commerce users to integrate with CRM software.