is an e-commerce project from Dubai where members can purchase personalized products such as luxury handmade phone cases, wallets with price variations based on their choices.



The structure of a product, the variables and the corresponding price infrastructure on the websites selling personalized products distinguish the project from a standard e-commerce site. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the customizable sides of all products and develop the project accordingly.


These works can be done for the products currently on sale on the website. But if there will be different types of products that do not exist at the moment and can be sold in the future, the whole structure should be designed with this vision.


Unlimited creation of customizable variables for the new product types to be sold was critical to the infrastructure.



An infrastructure was developed to cover not only the mobile phone cases that were initially sold, but every customizable product type that could then be sold. Thus, has unlimited personalization capabilities in unlimited product types. A visual and pricing infrastructure has been designed for each customizable feature to cover future needs.


Based on user experience in Dubai, we have also edited the front-end of the e-commerce site that will be published in English. We provided user-friendly interfaces for each step of e-commerce, with customizable features in particular.



The current and future needs of the project were identified, the customizable structures of the different product groups were examined and the user habits in Dubai were taken into consideration. The following works were carried out following the project management:


  • Development of unlimited personalization infrastructure for existing products and covering all product groups that can be sold in the future.
  • A sophisticated CMS was created to manage the visual and prices of customizable structures.
  • Development of the e-commerce system.
  • Edit for all front-end of the project.